Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Upcoming Events

The Connecting Peoples program is getting ready for another busy 3-month period, as we look forward to the months that correspond with summer in the North; upcoming events include:

Enlace MCC Ontario July 21-August 20: This is the fifth Enlace group that MCC Ontario has organized in partnership with MCC Guatemala. The group will be spending a week working with the CASAS program in Guatemala City, studying Spanish and learning about the history and context of the country. The following three weeks will be spent working with MCC and various partner organizations in Nebaj, San Marcos, and Santiago Atitlan.

Meat Canners
MCC Akron Work and Learn Team August 28-September 5: This group from Akron, PA, will be visiting partner organizations and communities in El Salvador that have received canned meat and other MCC support such as school supply kits, etc. The time will be spent meeting with the community members, helping with a small work project, and learning about the context of El Salvador and how these communities have benefited from MCC support.

Global Family
Program MCC Akron Learning Tour September 17-23: Visiting Guatemala will be the last stop for the Global Family representatives who will also be visiting programs in Nicaragua and Honduras. The primary goal of the trip is to visit and meet Global Family partners, students, and teachers who receive Global Family scholarships and to also learn more about the work MCC is doing in the region. The group will be visiting two different schools in the Altaverapaz Department of Guatemala, as well as spending some time visiting with communities in Guatemala City.


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