Monday, January 31, 2011


ANADESA- Asociación Nuevo Amanecer de Santiago Atitlan

The association of ANADESA was formed in 2005 after Hurricane Stan destroyed many homes and killed many people in Santiago Atitlan. Soon after the storm, a group of twenty families banned together to learn how to make beaded jewelry in order to support themselves. Since then, ANADESA has grown and is reaching out to the communities of Panabaj, Tzanchaj, and Chukmuk in several different projects. We have an afterschool children’s program that reinforces reading, writing and mathematics, as well as coordinates art and recreation activities, and holds talks on important themes. Many adults in Santiago have had to drop out of school to help support their families so we have an adult education program that teaches basic reading, writing, and mathematic skills to persons over the age of 15. Our program of twenty women has also expanded and in addition to making jewelry, we have recently developed new products to be added to our repertoire, such as shampoo, liquid soap, floor disinfectant, lotions, and a few other products. The women and their families also provide housing and food for groups who visit the lake. With our quickly expanding programs, we have big dreams and are looking into buying our own land and building our own facilities. The unique people and culture in Santiago, combined with the beautiful lake surrounded by volcanoes, truly makes it a place worth visiting. (And a great place to live and work if you are interested in working with MCC :)

MCC started working with ANADESA soon after Hurricane Stan hit. It is a place that many groups have visited since that time, connecting with the families and culture of the area and supporting ANADESA in their various projects. If you are interested in hearing more about ways you can support ANADESA in their dream of building their own facilities, please contact

Katelyn Shank is participating in the SALT program, a one-year service and learning experience for young people ages 18-27. To read more about her experience in Guatemala, visit If you are interested in learning about the different opportunities through SALT here in Guatemala and around the world, visit here; the deadline for 2011-2012 applications is February 15!

ANADESA women learning how to make floor disinfectant

ANADESA children's program

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